I take my place in the dark,

And your memory comes to me, unbidden.

Beckoning me,

To remember long-ago places,

Where memories lie,

Sleeping the sleep of the dead.

Where you offered me, as a man, a promise.

A promise of fates intertwined.  

A promise of stolen kisses.

A promise of comfort in your arms.

A promise to sow seeds and wait for them to grow.

A realization that they never will.

And in the silence,

I realize,

The spaces you leave,

From your empty promises,

Have their own things to say.

And I bury your memory again.

When I Needed You

You’re out there,

falling away

while I’m in retrograde,

trapped in the gravity of you.

Falling, falling, falling

into your memory all over again.


in the darkness I don’t show.


you saw when I parted my shadows.


you abandoned.

Floating on my own.

Lost on an endless horizon.

Light the way with your searchlights.

There’s nothing here.

I’m calling from the bottom

but you don’t hear me.

And in the silence

now I realize

you left me more dead

then you will ever know

when you left me